How does it work?

You've seen one of our products and design? Or you want your own unique design engraved in one of our products? What to do? Ordering is quick and easy! Let's start the tour.


Open the “ products ” tab and choose which product you'd like to purchase. On the next page, you can find info about the specific product you'd like to purchase. Feelin' it? Simply click on “ BUY NOW ”. Right here, you can decide which product you'd like. Once you've made that decision, you can pick which type of wood you'd like. Want something engraved? Make sure “ CUSTOM DESIGN ” is switched to “ YES ”.


Once you've decided which type of product and wood you'd like, you can add your order to the cart. You can upload your own design when your order is completed. So don't panic when you haven't seen the upload platform yet!

Want to add a second product? Simply close the cart in the upper right corner and add your next product.

If you want to add some specific instructions, you can type them in the “ special instructions for the vendor ” text area. This can be useful when you've seen an existing design of ours, but you'd like something slightly different.

Next up, click on the “ I agree to the terms and conditions ” and go to checkout.


Fill in your email, name and address. Make sure to double check the information you've given us, so we can ship your order to the right location! We also advise to use a valid email address. You'll receive your invoice through this way and we'll contact you if we're having difficulties engraving your design. Checked everything? Click on “ Continue to shipping method ”. If you've got a discount code, you can use it here!


Here you'll see the summary of your order. If you order for more than €50, the shipment is free! Triple checked everything? Alright, click on “ Go to payment method ”.


You can choose between two payment methods. With SOFORT , you can pay quickly and safely through online banking. If you don't have online banking, you can simply pay through BANK TRANSFER . If you're choosing this method, you'll receive an e-mail from us after your order has been completed with all the necessary information for the transfer. Make sure to add your order number when paying this way.

When all of this is done, you can place your order and you can start uploading your file(s) for your unique product(s)!


There are two ways you can send us your files:

1. You can upload your design after you've placed your order through our upload platform. This will appear when you've completed step 5.

You can upload 3 files, but this isn't obligated! You can also add extra notes to be more specific. If you don't have an own design, but you saw one of our products online with something engraved on it that you'd like too, you can simply send us a screenshot and we'll know what to do!

2. If something went wrong with the upload, don't panic. You can simply send your designs to ! Make sure to mention your order number when doing so.

If you have a cool idea, but don't know how to create your thoughts you can just send us an email and we'll do our best to design it. Totally for free!

What's possible?

We always strive to make your designs and ideas come to reality. But there are some limitations to what we can do. Real-life photos (from you, your boy/girlfriend, cars, …) will usually give an unclear and vague print. This is because of the different colors and contours of the picture and (sometimes) the lower quality of the photograph. Logos, drawings, figures, text in black and white will give the clearest and best result!

Here are some examples of designs that give great results on our products:

In need of some inspiration? Check out the “ get inspired ” case or have a look at our Facebook or Instagram page! We have tons of examples over there.

Got a cool idea or concept? Explain it to us through the “ special instructions for the vendor ” text box or send an e-mail to . We'll do whatever we can to make your idea become reality! Hateful and/or racist designs will not be produced and engraved. Being #SMOOTH is all about peace and love!


The size of your design doesn't really matter that much. Although, the better the quality – the better the result! So the bigger the file, the better ;-).
We can work with a variety of file types: .png, .jpeg, .psd, .pdf, .docx, etc.. We'll convert it to what we need for free!
If you have any more questions, please do not hesitate to contact us through . We're glad to help!