SMTH Smooth takes fourth place at Bizidee!

After being selected from more than 40 candidates, SMTH Smooth was present at the award ceremony of Bizidee 2014 on Tuesday, December 16. On Friday, December 12, a short but powerful pitch was already given to an extensive jury full of experts. They assessed all 8 finalists on their business plan.

During the day there was a Smooth stand, where all interested parties could ask for more information about the various start-ups. The “Smooth Stand” was one of the most popular stands at the event. In addition to explaining the company, several Pallets were also sold. In addition, there was a lot of media attention: interviews with various media channels such as Kanaal Z and De Gazet van Antwerpen were given with great pleasure. They also saw a future in SMTH Smooth and were very enthusiastic about our bamboo wallets.

It was show time at around 7:00 PM: the award ceremony. SMTH Smooth just missed out on the (money) prizes with a very creditable fourth place. Still, we didn't worry: extra coaching will be provided in the coming months, in the form of a “godfather” or “godmother”, to make our start-up go extra smoothly. In addition, we were able to enjoy a lot of media attention again.

Afterwards there was the reception, where there was plenty of networking with the necessary snacks and drinks. Here we found out that, despite “only” achieving fourth place, the jury was very enthusiastic about the Smooth concept and the way our start-up is approached.

All in all, it was a very instructive experience, which has certainly been useful and has again given SMTH Smooth the necessary publicity!


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