The Pallet

An eco-friendly mini wallet made entirely out
of bamboo which can store all your essentials!
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At some point in time, everyone has experienced some sort of discomfort while using their wallet. It's either too large, too thick, too wide, too long, ... just CLUMSY! Well, we’ve found the perfect solution. The “Pallet” is an eco-friendly mini wallet made out of bamboo, where you can store all of your essentials. Whether it’s a bank- or ID-card, coins, cash or even a key or USB-stick: the “Pallet” can store it for you. No more dragging around all of your cards and coins, this wallet is compact and easy to store!

Whoever said eco-friendly products can’t be fashionable? The Pallet is totally adjustable to your style. You can pick between 3 shades of Pallets: the light TAO, the warm SIENNA and the darker TEAK. Besides that, you can also choose between different colours of elastic bands!



Create your own unique Pallet. Whether it's your name, the name of your (girl/boy)friend, a logo, a quote, ... We'll make it happen! Got a concept you want on your product? Worry no more! We'll design it for you, free of charge.




The Pallet has won the Belgian award for most innovative and refreshing design in 2014. The Pallet distinguish itself from other wallets because of its simplicity, unique shape and usage of durable material.



The use of bamboo gives the Pallet its ecological touch. The use of bamboo is a great alternative over other (non eco-friendly) types of wood. A bamboo tree is already fully-grown at the age of 5. Besides that, the growth rate increases when a group of bamboo trees is being cut regularly. So there’s no need to cut down entire forests to make our products!

Bamboo isn’t only ecological, but also durable. The structure of the fibre makes our Pallet ultra light, but also strong and high quality. The use of wood also gives the Pallet its trendy and vintage look.



The cards which you store in your Pallet, are used as a slide lock.


When you slide your cards upwards, you can easily reach whatever you’re carrying with you. This way, your money, keys, USB-stick, … gets covered and kept in place by your cards. The Pallet is also very light and compact. It only weighs around 36 grams. It’s thickness is 16mm, while its height is only 93mm and width only 65mm. This makes it easy to store in your (breast)pocket, car, purse or backpack.




"Notice that the stiffest tree is most easily cracked, while
the bamboo survives by bending with the wind"
Bruce Lee