About us


SMTH SMOOTH (pronounced as 'Something Smooth') aspires to be a leading company in the fashion industry. We set trends by producing unique, durable and eco-friendly fashion. By innovative thinking, we try to break everyday perceptions. Ecology, durability and unique designs are our number one concerns.

Because of the continuous industrialisation, we’re forced to have less interaction with nature. We try to reintegrate the love for wood, trees and nature in modern society. We tend to do this by developing fashion and accessories that always take eco-friendliness and durability into consideration. We try to fill in the needs of our consumers in the most efficient way. That’s why there’s always the opportunity to customize your product!

#WEARESMOOTH, that’s our statement




Ecology and environment go hand in hand with our vision. By our products, SMTH SMOOTH wants to get the world back in touch with nature. We try to do so in a fashionable and trendy way. That’s why we only use eco-friendly and durable material when developing our products and clothing.

Through our products, we want to accentuate a vision that is one with nature. The splendour, tranquillity and freedom that can be found in nature, should become one with our company.